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Staff Training and Development
Why Staff Needs Development?

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Importance of Staff and Training Development

We are committed to providing training and development opportunities for staff at all levels and in all roles. The capability and commitment of employees is critical to the institution’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Our objective:

  • Staff training and development aims to increase individual effectiveness and efficiency by encouraging and supporting staff to achieve individual and career goals.

  • Through enhancing the competence of staff, staff training and development will enable and assist employees to achieve the aims and objectives of the job.

  • Investing in staff training and development will enhance the commitment of staff.

  • The provision of quality staff development opportunities will assist Avicenna IHS to retain staff and attract new staff


  • The staff development strategy will be proactive and responsive to the needs of the Institution and will seek to provide staff with opportunities to update, extend or acquire new skills or knowledge within an environment of continually changing demands.

  • Training and development opportunities encompass a wide variety of activities including, but not limited to, attendance at relevant courses, workshops and conferences; undertaking self-directed study, research; networking; receiving guidance on the job such as mentoring and coaching; having opportunities to take on more responsibility, to practice new skills or apply new knowledge; as well as processes such as developmental appraisals and establishing personal development plans.

  • Avicenna IHS aims to ensure the maintenance and active promotion of equal opportunity. It is critical that barriers to staff development are identified and eliminated through the implementation of appropriate mechanisms.

Employer Driven Training or Development Programs

  • When the company requires an employee to attend a training or development program, the company will cover 100% of the costs to attend this training or development.

  • Required training is training that is directly related to an employee’s current role. This may include but is not limited to performance improvements, skills refreshers, and as a result of technological or legislative requirements and has a direct impact on the employee’s ability to perform his or her current role.

  • Employees must provide proof of attendance and/or successful completion of each course completed to Human Resources or Designate, to ensure the training is recorded as part of the employee’s employment record. Hours spent by an employee travelling to and from a training and development programs are the responsibility of the employee. Should an employee leave the organization, they will not be responsible for paying back any mandatory training costs


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