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Individual Development
Why Individuals Need Development?

What Our Clients Say

Importance of Individual Development

Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief that they will accomplish the task at hand. It is a cognitive estimate of a person’s own ability to perform. This belief impacts both stress levels and actual performance.

In an experiment comparing a control group to an experimental group of individuals who received coaching, the coached individuals reported significantly higher levels of self-efficacy (Leonard-Cross, 2010).

Coached individuals also reported feeling more aware of their strengths and weaknesses after the engagement (Leonard-Cross, 2010). With a more accurate view of themselves, these individuals felt more prepared to take on challenges.


Investment Options: 2, 4 or 6 weeks

  • The Coaching Process for individuals requires 6 to 15+ of direct working hours with our certified Coach over a period of 2 to 6-weeks.

  • The Coach confidentially engages with the client in a development process divided into four phases: Awareness; Assessment; Action; and Achievement.

  • The client undergoes a diagnostic interview and assessments to gain insight into their strength and weaknesses and discover their most pressing issues and goals.

  • The Coach will debrief the client’s custom assessment results and offer their observations over multiple insightful sessions; the remaining coaching sessions feature building and implementing custom professional and personal development plan addressing the client’s unique development needs.

  • A review of the process will be conducted at every two-weeks interval to obtain feedback from client to determine if the individual is improving in those areas identified as critical in their professional development plans.


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