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HR Specialist

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Job Type

Full Time

Available upon request.

About the Company

Avicenna Innovative Healthcare Solutions is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Riyadh, Dubai, Bahrain, and offices all over the GCC region.

We work with many types of public and private organizations, from large multi-nationals to small, niche companies, always with our strong commitment to developing people by improving the skills, capabilities, and approach of organizations’ leaders, managers, and staff.

The company was founded by a diverse and experienced team of healthcare professionals, with more than twenty-five years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical management, to provide healthcare solutions urgently needed to improve and strengthen the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in the Middle East.

We use this diverse knowledge and experience to provide transferrable learning for healthcare providers, as well as to design and deliver wide range of customized innovative solutions for healthcare organizations to yield valuable business results.

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